Breaking the Cycle of Cybersecurity PTSD

Breaking the Cycle of Cybersecurity PTSD

Much more commonly, it’s the CISO and senior cybersecurity professionals that serve as the CEO’s scapegoat in the event of a major breach. Yet, it’s voluntary resignations that are primarily responsible for CISOs holding the lowest average tenure figure among C-suite executives, lasting just 26 months compared to 5.3 years for their C-level counterparts.

trackd vs. ChatGPT

So even with the knowledge that 98 out of 100 patches are safe to deploy, remediation teams are unlikely to modify their processes to patch more aggressively any more than the average person would change their decision to play Russian Roulette with a gun with 100 chambers and only 2 live bullets.

If it Ain’t Breaking Stuff, Fix It

A cute puppy and vulnerability management - unlikely combination

Tell us when patches are disruptive? Sure. But more importantly, let us know when they’re not, information that’s potentially much more actionable.

A Lot Different vs. a Little Better

trackd's new vulnerability remediation solution is fundamentally different.

Mike, our founder and CEO, took care of that differentiation thing on day one, pitch-deck slide one, prototype one. Nobody’s doing what we’re doing, and to quote an enthusiastic visitor to our booth at last week’s FutureCon show outside DC, “I can’t believe no one’s thought of this…”

Google Reviews and Vulnerability Remediation

trackd is re-imagining vulnerability remediation

The internet has enabled us to live in a world where we can all leverage our collective experience to improve our individual decision-making. Just moved to town and need a new dentist? Check candidates out […]

Patch Management Software

What is Patch Management Software? Patch management software is a category of enterprise or business software that helps IT and remediation teams fix vulnerabilities on networks. Fixing – or remediating – vulnerabilities is key to […]