Breaking the Cycle of Cybersecurity PTSD

Breaking the Cycle of Cybersecurity PTSD

Much more commonly, it’s the CISO and senior cybersecurity professionals that serve as the CEO’s scapegoat in the event of a major breach. Yet, it’s voluntary resignations that are primarily responsible for CISOs holding the lowest average tenure figure among C-suite executives, lasting just 26 months compared to 5.3 years for their C-level counterparts.

Server Patching

Server patching is a critical part of enterprise cyber security

The primary new technology for server patching uses crowdsourced data on patches that have been applied to help guide remediation teams and highlight patches that have a history of disruption, and perhaps more valuably, those that have a history of safe deployment.

Cheating Guys and Patch Management (Yup, you read that right.)

Patch Management - like dating - can be greatly improved by sharing information.

Whether we’re talking about sharing indicators of compromise (IoCs) in the cyber security community, Google Reviews of a new restaurant, exposing the bad behavior of potential dating partners, or identifying – before they’re applied – security patches that are most likely to cause disruption, shared information is powerful.

Patch Management Software

What is Patch Management Software? Patch management software is a category of enterprise or business software that helps IT and remediation teams fix vulnerabilities on networks. Fixing – or remediating – vulnerabilities is key to […]